Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bad Blogger of 2012 Goes to ...Me

The only thing kept semi current in the past 5 months on this blog is my books read list. This year I went 4 months without T.V. and loved it.  I really intended to blog more about what I was doing with my new found free time but honestly it got filled in with friends, family and other things that make life important. So yes I'm sorry I haven't been blogging but on the other hand I'm glad I didn't even have the time.

On the home improvement front:
I managed to talk my husband into painting the kitchen cabinets and I'm pretty sure he likes the results more than me. We changed our 'study' (read 'office' with a cushy chair) in to a 'library' (read 'office' with cushy chair and book shelves). I curated a scripture gallery in the hallway, meaning I filled a bunch of Goodwill Outlet (yes Outlet) and garage sale frames with custom 'art' featuring scripture. It turned out just as quirky and eclectic as I desired and slightly more pretty. I intend on giving you more details and pictures eventually.

Back to reading "Real Marriage"... I'll tell you how it goes