Thursday, September 22, 2011

Half Bath: Before and After (and after that)

So, this day last year my half bathroom looked like this. Scary right? Can you believe this is better that when we bought the house? Back then the walls and ceiling were painted mint green. So that meant walls, ceiling, tile, towel bars, sink, coutertop accent and the TOILET were all mint green. When we toured the house for the first time our sweet realtor told me I sould just get some brown towels and go with a mint chocolate chip color pallet - she wasn't kidding.  Also there was a hunter green squishy toilet seat - ick (Getting rid of that was my first house project). Anyway, 4 coats of white paint made the bathroom less scary, but one day the mint green tiles just got to me. Maybe, while my husband was still at work I took a scraper think and started popping off tiles.
And maybe a few weeks later it looked like ...

..this! SO much better, right? Unfortunately, I have no progress pictures to show you how we did it but I will try to summarize. After removing all the tile, the toilet, the sink and counter top; we added bead board, modified the drawers to shelves, and painted all the woodwork white (Valspar Ultra premium Soft Gloss Ultra White). We made the counter top of dyed charcoal concrete and added a vessel sink. The walls are Valspar Desert Fortress. But... the mirror was too heavy and the different containers on the shelves weren't doing it for me so... the bathroom looks like this. Lighter, fresher, perfect - well I love it. I switched to all white ceramic on the shelves although the shapes are slightly different the finish and color ties everything together. I really like the functionality of the dishes on the shelf. I returned the more ornate mirror and instead I painted one that I already had white. Other things  you might want to know: the faucet is actually a kitchen faucet, we put up bead board because the tile adhesive was not coming off the wall, and if we can do it you can do it too.


  1. What a cute blog! The bathroom looks great! Awesome transformation.