Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bedroom Mini Makeover

Our "master" bedroom has been in transition for a while. I started with a brown bedspread and red accents (curtains and pillows) from my days in Chicago. First, I transformed a "nightstand" that I found for free at an estate sale with some teal Rustoleum.

I also added a monogram applique to our basic brown bedspread. Hooray for finally breaking out my sewing machine.

 Then about a month ago I had a crazy idea and busted out my sewing machine for another bedroom project. (I did use my sewing machine several other times in the past year as well.)

Maybe I decided to sew an entire wall of curtains.  The idea was to unify a wall with the bathroom door and the closet. So we removed the bi-fold, too-orange doors, and hung two drop clothes that I had modified into 3 curtain panels. See me hanging them up? ... oh wait thats not me thats my wonderfully helpful husband!

It was subtly dramatic and pretty cool, BUT one day I was drinking OJ in the bathroom and spilled it and it splashed on one of the panels. So you just wash it ... right? But that panel shrunk up by about 14 inches ... YES 14 INCHES!! So I could have sewed another one, but instead I scrapped the whole plan.

And on monday I used these, put up new idea curtains,  recovered some pillows with ikea cases and ...

...did some of this. And it turned out like ...

... THIS!  Skeleton reading lamps, book shelves, more colors.  I love it! I still plan on painting the walls (and the closet doors), but I am happy with how it turned out.


  1. ...have I mentioned I am in love with the curtains...because I am. The bedroom looks awesome! PUT photos up of the living room! You act like you are busy or something...i dont get it...

  2. I LOVE this new bedroom!! It is so beautiful, seriously! The lamps are super cool, and the IKEA fabric is fantastic. So well done!! It looks cozy.