Saturday, January 14, 2012

Welcome to Our Home - Floor Plan

I love sharing my house projects with you! I have shared pictures from a couple rooms in the house with you, and now I will give you a little perspective in the form of a floor plan that I just created on

-The kitchen has a peninsula (where we removed the upper cabinets) which opens up to the dinning room.
-The laundry room is accessed from the kitchen and is just big enough for the washer and dryer. I would love to have a true laundry room with room to stand someday, but it is still very nice to be able to close the doors and have a laundry free kitchen.
-Near the living room off the entry/hallway there is an oversized closet. It is wonderful and large (big enough for a baby crib some day - although most people don't like the idea of keeping a baby in a large closet so ... forget that I said that).
-The color you see for each room represents the wall color.
-The tiny unlabeled closet looking thing between the Full Bath and Kid Room is a built-in linen closet.

I have more pictures that I will share soon of more rooms and other projects.

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