Friday, January 13, 2012

Pinned it - Did it!

If you arn't already addicted to Pinterest don't read this post and don't go to . Stay far far away from this wonderful website that will give you a million amazing ideas but will make all of your free time disappear. If you are a Pinterest addict like me, then read on and follow me!

I pinned this cute idea for putting fabric in wooden embroyery hoops as wall decor. 
I knew this would be perfect for the bare walls in my guest room. Since the most common guests in this room are my young (ages 3-6) siblings we often call this the kid room. However, my 6 year old sister Grace calls it her room. My goal is to create a colorful kid friendly space without buying too many decorations as we know the use for this room will change someday soon.  
The quilt on the bed is made from my high school tees, the pillows are mostly from Ikea, and the lamp I made a few months ago. But from other angles, like this one from the doorway, the room looked a little bare. 
I had collected a few round hoops over the past year and my friend Amanda found a couple oblong ones that are very cool. I also had remnants of 3 different bold colored floral fabrics and knew they would be perfect for this quick project. So after stretching and trimming the fabric I convinced my husband to help me hang them. 

Ahh.... much better. 

On a much different note, I pinned this no heat curls tutorial early in my Pinterest experience. As I'm trying to grow out my hair, I've been limiting heat styling and have been using this technique and love it. Sometimes I put up my hair before bed, this time I put it up for just a few hours in the morning before church.

And tonight I was able to give one of my pinned it/did it projects as a gift. When I sewing project I knew it would be perfect for my siblings who like to spend the night at my house!
Tonight we were celebrating Marty's 3rd birthday and I gave him one that I made from 4 pillow cases and 4 pillows. 

I even had a handsome volunteer to try it out.  The smile means comfortable and fun!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I do love this post!
    I love love love the fabric wall art & the oblong ones are awesome looking, if I do say so myself!
    Super cute model with the hair do!
    And I will be a second witness to the amazing non-heat curling technique! It works, it is quite amazing!
    Great work on Marty's gift! All the kids will love it!
    I did not enjoy the the line through the soon.
    I did not find that funny Brittany Michelle!