Monday, March 19, 2012

Bejeweled Door

I'm contemplating painting our front door, but haven't settled on a color yet. I want a cool hued jewel tone to contrast with the warm brick, but I am torn. So I did what any good blogger does and did a little photoshop what-if-ing.
Jeremy had more or else ruled out amethyst, but I still love the idea.  
 Saphire packs a punch but I would have to choose the paint carefully to avoid a red, white & blue look. 
I've been loving emerald green lately. I think it could work but again I would have to pick the perfect shade that was deep enough to not read as Kelly (too Christmasy with the red/organge brick) but not too dark as to come off as Hunter (ick). 
 Another strong option is a deep teal - probably closest to an Apatite. I would likely use the exact color of my gallery photo frames (seen here) . 
I am really sure I want a color but I'm really unsure of which one. I would appreciate your thoughts, questions, opinions.


  1. I love the emerald green or the last one!!

  2. I think I vote teal! Although I do love the blue, with a tad bit of patriotic-ness with it :) but I think the teal fits you better

  3. I like the purple or the teal

  4. So far between Facebook and the blog the tally is:
    Purple - 6
    Blue - 1
    Green - 2
    Teal - 5
    Thank you all for helping me. It is really humbling to know that you have read my silly little blog.

  5. Not green and not purple. I like the blue the best (the so-called "saphire"), but the teal is cool too!

  6. The final verdict was "purple" from the populous. And my husband even agreed!