Saturday, March 31, 2012

Perfect Saturday

Today was a wonderful day! Not overly productive, not overly relaxing (boring), just a quintessential Saturday.

Amanda and I had an early morning garage sale plan that necessitated a sleepover! It is funny how similar sleepovers at 25 are to sleep overs at 5 or 15... staying up way too late talking way too much. Which meant our 6:15 a.m. alarm came way to early. But we were in line at the Countryside Church garage sale at 7:02 . I wish I had action pictures, in general I need to do a better job at taking pictures while I am doing things, like with people and everything. We found some other garage sales and estate sales and each ended up with a few treasures.

Amanda's Treasures:
A bag of plate hangers - $.50 (new they cost about $3.50!) {for her awesome dinning room wall covered in silver platters}
A solid wood high chair - $15 {perfect for a 'big boy chair' for Matthew after it is painted a'la Young House Love}

My Treasures:

1000 Large Paperclips - $1.00 {to fill an apothecary jar- as shown}

Large Plate with blue floral detail - $.25 {I have a small collection of floral plates for a someday wall display like this or this or this}

Cookie Cutters - $.50 {I love decorating Christmas cookies! A gift, a star, an ornament.}

'In A Pickle' Game - $.50 {brand new in box and shrink wrap}

4 Japanese Lotus Bowls - $.50 each {My most exciting purchase of the day}
So for $4.50 I had an amazing morning with my friend and bought these sweet items.

In the afternoon, I had a little set up for a wedding at work.

I love my job!

I was able to spend a little time with my mom and young siblings. My sister had just been to a makeover birthday party where they had updos and even put on make-up.  She looked cute, but too grown up. In my mind she is still my baby, I can't imagine how I will feel when she is a teenager. 

Now I am hanging out with my husband and his twin brother watching season 2 of Parks & Rec. They both have sweet new hair cuts, by me!

Did you have a wonderful Saturday too? 

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