Sunday, April 1, 2012

He said Yes! {to PURPLE}

After church and lunch with our small group...

we went to Lowe's to buy emerald or teal paint for the front door. However, while we were looking at paint swatches and pictures of our house my husband said "I think purple is the best choice." So we came home with a gallon of Valspar Duramax in Symphony
The plan was to paint both the back door and the front door. However, prepping the doors {removing, cleaning, sanding, touch ups} took a lot longer than anticipated so both doors are primed but will be painted in the next couple days.


  1. why didnt i ever realize how much shorter my husband is than the other husbands in our small group!?

    1. lol. And all the girls are the same height.

  2. they must all be on their tippy toes ; )

  3. way to be thorough! i am always way too impatient when it comes to stuff like this and i end up with sawdust or bugs permanently adhered to my projects.