Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hydrangea Hunting

This afternoon my friend Amanda, her son Matthew,  and I went to rescue some hydrangeas from her mother-in-law's. Amanda & Patrick's wedding took place at Kirby Acres, Patrick's parents home and featured beautiful garden plants including these hydrangea plants. 

Patricks parents are prepping for an addition and off shoots of these beautiful plants were in the path of destruction. We dug up and separated about 7 or 8  plants, and then replanted 4 of then at my house (the others will be planted at Amandas').  In between we stopped for sustenance {Chicken Quesadillas at El Toro in St. Joe}.
{Thumbs up from Amanda} 

{The line up: The pink one is a ringer ( it came from the flower shop) - along the west side of our house}
{Watering the transplants}
This little boy helped us every step of the way. 
 He's a pretty cool dude.


  1. love the photo from our rehearsal! Last night was fun!

  2. Yay I love hydrangeas! I look forward to their blooming season in Japan, its so beautiful. I hope to see pictures of your's blooming!!