Monday, April 23, 2012

Warning - Severe Lack of Photos

I do have pictures to share but most of them have to do with presents I have made but not given so those will have to wait. 

I wish I were better at taking pictures. I wish I had more pictures of the things we do and the people who we do them with. I feel like in the past few months I can been consistently reminded that it's relationships that are truly important. 

I also realized: The best friends are the ones who feel like family and the best family are the ones who feel like friends.    That sounds a little cliche-ish BUT think about it - it's true! 

I am so very grateful for the support and love I receive from the people the Lord has blessed me with. Thank you. 

And since no blog post should be photo-less. 

This weekend Jeremy refashioned an antique 9 foot mantel he rescued from a garbage pile. With a few careful cuts he removed the damaged portions and made a more manageable and appropriate size ... for Amanda's house! Matthew was J's assistant - way too cute.


  1. i left a comment on this post yesterday but apparently it didn't publish.
    It said something along the lines of....i love the mantel! and i love you! but i do not love the mantel as much as i love you!

  2. I like that mantel too! Way to go Jeremy - he has skills! And matthew is so cute. Miss you.