Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Couple Little Projects

Here's the thing, I love giving homemade gifts. Sure I could have gone out and bought you something you didn't really need, but instead I will show you I care about you enough to customize a gift that you will love. Do I always give homemade gifts? - No, sometimes I find the perfect thing for the perfect person or know that there is something that the recipient wants or need that I can buy. I just like giving gifts that make the receiver feel loved, appreciated, and understood. Sometimes that gift can be found at a garage sale, some times that gift carries a price tag other people wouldn't pay, and sometimes I get to make that gift.

For a couple of brand new little people I tried my hand at sewing baby bibs. My mom had devised the pattern (out of a paper bag) and method long ago and shared it with me. I, of course, had to make the whole thing more complicated by appliquéing an initial on them.

If I were better at this blogging thing I would have done step by step photos and then could give you a full run down. Let me know if that is something that you want - I will probably just have you over for a craft day, but I would consider just posting a tutorial (invitation extended to non-creeps only).

My parents recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and my brother his 5th birthday. I had seen things like this on Pinterest  and knew my Mom would love them. And since 5 year old boys (and 50+ year old boys) don't care what hangs on the wall I really made both of them for Mom. Tucker really got a Nerf football, a Scrunch Bob (Sponge Bob) coloring book, and a Kindergarden skills workbook. And Ron got ... umm me as a daughter. Anyway I used Inkscape (open source graphics editor). Now I am not a pro by any means but I have done several projects for work on Inkscape and compared to those this was a cinch.

And if you are really dedicated to your homemade gifts you try then out to make sure the baby will like it. This one got 2 thumbs up (from me).


  1. Even though I already told you this, they both look awesome, especially in person!
    Today is Cynthia's 16th birthday! Can you believe that?! Hope you have a great Friday!

  2. I love the framed pics - i have to look into that - so cool! And i love the bib, and the hilarious photo of you. Your blog=awesome, fun, and good reading for me. love you!