Sunday, September 4, 2011

What I Do .... (when i'm not blogging)

In response to many one  comment from readers... (Here's the thing, when I started blogging I only told Amanda, my wonderful friend who has found blogging perfection over at The Krazy Kirby's. She and I aspire to be like Katie B. & Sherry P., best friends in real-life and blog-land who each write funny/fun blogs about diy/their houses/etc. Now since you are reading I must have more than 1 reader and for that I am grateful and terrified, but welcome none the less, anyway...) here are some of the things that fill my time each week:

My usual spot at work, although 3 laptops
is atypical the Dr. Pepper is not
1) Work - I am a florist, but not your typical florist. Yes, I can design floral arrangements (proof 1 and proof 2) and I do some kind of hands on design each week, but day to day I am not at a bench designing arrangements. I basically do the nerdy/wedding/computer stuff no one else wants to do.

Just a few of my
small group girls from last year

2) Church - I love my church family! Wednesdays I co-lead a small group of lovely high school girls. On Sunday mornings besides attending regular service, Jeremy and I are facilitating Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University this fall (everybody no matter their age, income, religion should take this class as soon as possible). And then Sunday nights we have our adult small group, where we meet with three other couples for Bible study, fellowship, and accountability.

3) School - I like math. I know I'm strange - not many people like math, even fewer florists like math, but I do. I am currently working on a masters degree in Mathematics at the U of I. So I spend time in class and at home working on, you guessed it - homework. Right now I am taking a math education class on problem solving, so my homework looks like this...  And just like everyone else you are wondering "Brittany, what will you do with another math degree?". I will tell you, "Be a florist, I love what I do. Maybe someday I will teach a class or two - we'll see."

Those are the places I go and things I do but most of all I like to spend my time with people (actually blogging is probably my only alone activity - I take that back I work out alone, anyway...). I feel amazingly blessed by relationships! And I am so grateful for my sweet husband, wonderful friends, and local families.

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  1. We need a new small group photo!
    See you tonight! :)