Monday, August 29, 2011

Meet My House

Warning: I'm notorously bad at remembering to take a before pictures.  I'm just always so anxious to get the project done and not used to blogging about my excapades, but I promise I'm working on it. But lucky for you a long long time ago before our house was our house a realtor snapped a quick pic and zillow still remembers and so ... we have before...
Before our house was Our House
2.5 years after becoming ours
... and after. I'm pretty pleased with the upgrades, and since the before pic is a little hard to see I will list  some of them. 
  • New Garage Door - Jeremy installed it himself ( I was pretty impressed)
  • New front lamp and matching lamp post lamb (yeah running conduit) 
  • Black shutters 
  • Transplant of one of the box wood bushes (they have also grown some) 
  • Landscaping with river rock, green plants, boulders, and edging stones
The purple haze in the middle of the driveway was also us (well me) and one of my (many) spray paint projects. Oops I forgot to put down a drop cloth. But I really don't mind, it just is a colorful reminder of a memory here.  

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  1. what happened to my comment?!
    I will try again. It went something along the lines of...
    Isn't it amazing how a few changes/upgrades can make such a big difference?!
    It looks great!
    Now lets see the inside. :)