Monday, August 22, 2011

Be The Church

While we are called to me the hands of feet of Christ each day, that purpose is often set aside as our days are filled with the other stuff of life. This past sunday everyone in our church was challenged to "Be The Church," to get out of our cushy green chairs and do the things that Christians are called to do. I'm not writing about this to glorify our actions, but rather to glorify God and His movement in our lives and in our community.

Our small group met at Aldi (I love Aldi and will surely be posting about that some day soon) and did some serious shopping. We wanted to cook large quantities of nutritious food for a local men's shelter (which serves 3 meals a day 7 days a week). Since I tend to cook without a recipe, we were mostly winging it when it came to the shopping!

The next 3 hours were spent grilling (George Forman Style), chopping, browning, stirring, boiling, assembling, sealing. And by the end we had 8 9x13 freezable oven ready pans of home cooked food: 4 of chicken pot pie and 4 of (pre) baked spaghetti. (Later this week I will share the recipes and shopping list).

The best part about serving is it makes you want to do more. We did something so small, something we do for our own families each day, but God uses those little things to change hearts (even ours).

p.s. I love my small group. This is the "we" of this post (although we are 1 couple short)! We are so blessed to have these couples!  

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