Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Down

I finished The Millionaire Next Door last Thursday.  You should read it! Read it if you want to retire with dignity, read it if your parents are rich, read it if your parents aren't rich, read it if you plan on having kids, read it if you plant on knowing any kids that you sort of kind of care about, read it if you make a modest living, read it if you are rolling in dough. Then after you read it (or before) sign up for Financial Peace University.

Now I am reading Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. I don't like Jazz and I've never been a huge fan of Christian Lit but so far I am really digging the book. It was written from a place of honesty and the frank but compassionate tone is refreshing.

I'm not really missing TV ... yet. Although being busy with Mother's Day at the flower shop doesn't really leave much time for TV anyway.

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