Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hope for the Holidays 2011

Remember when I told you I was a small group leader, for some wonderful girls in our high school youth group? Well yesterday I had the privilege of working along side these lovely ladies to serve our community!

It all started when someone donated 50 trees to be distributed by our church (FCC) to areas families. The  lovely young ladies our small groups had a vision to do something more! They held bake sales, decorated ornaments, got the rest of the youth group involved, found "Turkey Sponcers", made flyers and announcements at church and by the end had collected enough money and food to provide each of the 50 families with:

a tree, a tree stand, ornaments, lights, 4 hand made/decorated ornaments, WBGL water bottle, Christian music CD, a lovely heartfelt letter, turkey, gravy, stuffing, broth, cranberry sauce, baking mix, brownie mix, 10 lbs of potatoes, butter, a dozen eggs, a bag of frozen veggies, a jar of apple sauce, a reusable bag full of Chinet products, a gallon of milk, rolls, and at least 10 other house hold grocery items! Praise be to God!

We were all  amazed at the way God turned our small effort and meager plans into amazing Kingdom work. God has called us to serve, to feed his sheep, to be his hands and feet, and we were blessed to have this opportunity to impact our community together.   

Thank you Lord for choosing me to do your work. Thank you for blessing me with wonderful co-leaders and sweet students. 

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