Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Study (&) Hall (Closets)

Our second bedroom is currently a study (office plus cushy chair and t.v.). The idea for the space is primarily centered on versatility. Jeremy studied architecture and so the desk is his drafting table which provides ample space and style. The dresser, file cabinet, chair, and coffee table were all garage sale/thrift store finds that I painted. Ideally I would use the coffee table for crafting and such. The rug is from Ikea and took visiting 2 Ikea stores in one day to find - exhausting. 
The curtains used to be drop cloths I had left over after the o.j./bathroom incident of '11. I simply died them yellow.
Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to work, but it turned out to be the perfect brilliant yellow. 
 Details: apothecary jars with beads, blocks, etc corralled in a shallow yellow basket
Sorting our books by color is surprisingly effective! You need only remember the color of the cover and presto it is easy to find. 
Again with the 360 so you can take it all in.

And now for the hall closets... (I don't feel like they deserve their own post)
We've got one giant closet off of the hallway just outside the living room. It is deep and wonderful and here's whats in it ...
And then there is the entry closet with shoes, scarves, jackets, and coats ...

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